July 21, 2018

Storage Solutions

Data storage is a major component of the Information Technology budget for many companies. Year on year, storage costs grow as insatiable user demand continues.

For many organisations, meeting internal customer requirements for data storage whilst balancing the budget has become a real issue. As Storage Consultants, Alpha Consulting can help you make most use of your san storage resources, helping to reduce costs and meet service level agreements and reduce the burden of regulation at the same time.

The Alpha Consulting Approach

For us, storage is the heart of IT. We know our technology; whether you’re talking SAN, NAS or backup, we know the companies and the products.

We follow the market, identifying trends and the sector leaders. We know and understand the issues and we know what problems our customers need to solve.

Our services will enable you to both plan and manage the installation of new technology in the most efficient manner but also review your existing practices and move towards higher efficiency for both storage and people costs.

The Alpha Consulting Offering
You can talk to us about any of your storage issues, however to help understand some of the benefits we can offer you, have a look at our services.

Alternatively, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.