July 21, 2018

Data Storage Planning

Datacentre Storage Planning

In modern datacentre design, storage forms one of the major parts of the infrastructure. There are a large number of components which must be considered in design, including:
  • Free-standing arrays.
  • High density array planning.
  • SAN switch and fabric design.
  • SAN cabling and patching.
  • Tape library planning.
  • Network storage appliances.
  • A number of issues must be considered:
  • Weight, especially with high density arrays.
  • Cable management and patching.
  • Growth planning and management.
  • Cooling.
  • Data Storage Consulting
  • Power provisiong.
  • Our datacentre storage planning consultancy will work with you to identify your requirements, including:
  • Space management.
  • SAN fabric design.
  • Cabling and patching design .
  • Tape library and backup design.
  • NAS infrastructure design.
Where necessary we can also assist on product selection and evaluation of vendor technologies.