September 22, 2018

BI Software

Business intelligence software is a type of application software that is used to gather, store, analyze data, and present that data in a simple, useful manner.

The software aids in business performance management, and aims to help people make better business decisions by making accurate, current, and relevant information available to them when they need it.

How can I benefit from business intelligence software?

Business intelligence enables organizations to make well informed business decisions and thus can be the source of competitive advantages. The ultimate objective of business intelligence is to improve the timeliness and quality of information. Depending on the information you have available to you, business intelligence can reveal to you:
The position of your company as in comparison to its competitors.

  • Changes in customer behaviour and spending patterns.
  • The capabilities of your company.
  • Market conditions, future trends, demographic and economic information.
  • The social, regulatory, and political environment.
  • What the other companies in the market are doing with Microsoft SQL 2017 Server software

BI  software can improve the overall performance of the company using it by enabling company to respond quickly and adapt to changes.
Services we offer:
Alpha Consulting specializes in custom software development and in business intelligence software in particular. We develop software that is:

  • Customized – Solution developed exactly for your organisation and business needs.
  • Secure – strong encryption to prevent both insider and outsider information theft, such as espionage, abuse or sabotage of the information.
  • Reliable – reliable data storing and processing, and backup mechanism to make sure you won’t lose your information due to hardware failures.
  • Easy-to-use – user-friendly interface and presentation of data in simple and clear form.

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